Can I book a retreat for my church or organization?

Of course! We try to be as accommodating and flexible as possible when it comes to your retreat. We know it is important to you that things run smoothly, that’s why we’re here!

When should i arrive for summer camp?

Summer camps start at 3PM on Sundays during the summer weeks as scheduled. Pick up times vary per week of camp, check with your dean prior to the event or at drop off. 

What should i bring to summer camp?

Bible, Pen/Pencil & Paper, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Soap/Towels/Shampoo, Comb/Brush, Extra Shoes(wet), Swimsuit, Jacket, A variety of Clothes, Bag for Laundry, Pillow/Twin Sheets/Blanket or Sleeping Bag, Sun Block, Flashlight, Insect Repellent, Camera

Can i bring food in the dorm?

Please don’t, we try to keep a clean, ant-free environment in our living areas. So, we ask that you keep all food and sugary drinks outside the dorms. 

Is camp fun and safe?

Since 1964, camp has been a place of revival, peace, growth, and more for so many people. Camp is a high-energy, challenging, safe environment where all people can come and feel at home.

Are there water activities?

Yes, camp has a large pool with diving board. Camp also borders a lake where the Blob, water trampoline, water slide, tubing, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and more are available when weather permits. 


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